Updated Sunday June 24, 2018 by Plainfield Junior Cats.

PJC FOOTBALL & CHEER EQUIPMENT HANDOUT AND UNIFORM FITTING will take place on Wednesday June 27th and Thursday June 28th from 6pm to 8pm at Four Seasons Park in Plainfield.  

If you have not yet registered for the 2018 season, visit!

All Cheerleaders and Football players need to attend.  You only need to attend one night of the event.

COACHES - All Football & Cheer coaches are required to attend both nights if possible.  Please reach out to Scott and Sarah to let them know when you will or will not be there.


  1. Register for the season and pay online before arriving to save the most time! Registering when you arrive at the park is dependent on WiFi availability and not guaranteed to be available.
  2. Do not rush to be early.  Wait times are longest during the first hour and decrease as it gets later.
  3. Double-check and know your account balance before coming:
    • If you have a $0 balance, you will go to the Check-In Lines (shorter wait line).
    • If your account shows a balance, you will go to the Payment Line (longer wait line).  Be prepared to pay by cash or check.  Credit payments are dependent on WiFi availability and not guaranteed to be available.
    • If you have entered a payment plan, at least one payment must be made prior to or upon arrival of this event.
    • If you pay online before coming, bring your receipt with you to the Check-In Line.

4. Don't forget to grab your PLAY FOR FREE raffle tickets!!  They will be available at one of the stations.

Please do not park on the grass!

- All girls NEED TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT OR LEOTARD under her clothes for proper fitting & modesty!! There will be LOTS of boys around... 
- We are ordering new tops this year!!  Therefore she will only take home the bottom to the uniform from the fitting. All other items will be ordered to her size and handed out before the season begins.
- Orders for Cheer Camp shirts will be taken during the fitting. Shirts will be $10 each - cash or check. Shirts will be handed out the first day of Camp - Monday July 9th.
- If you cannot attend the fitting on either day (please make every effort possible to attend) you must contact Sarah Ibarra at to make special arrangements.